FAQ About the Ramsey Park Improvements

We know you have a lot of questions, and we want to post as many answers as we can.  Below are some of our more frequently asked questions, and we also have a downloadable PDF file with even more FAQs.


I'm ready to make a gift today!  How can I do that?

Great!  Visit the Make a Gift section of our website and click the Donate Now button.

I would like to make a donation by check.  How can I do that?

No problem!  Mail a check to Austin Parks Foundation, ATTN Ramsey Park, PO Box 300369, Austin TX 78703.  Please write "Ramsey Park" in the memo line.

Is my donation to Ramsey Park tax-deductible?

Yes!  Your donation is processed through the Austin Parks Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.  As such,  your donation is tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowable by law.

My employer makes Matching Gifts.  Can they make a matching gift for my donation to Ramsey Park?

Absolutely!  Please contact us to make arrangements for a matching donation from your employer.  

Will there be donor recognition?

Visit our Make a Gift page to learn more about the giving levels and recognition opportunities available for our donors.  In addition, we are now offering Ramsey Park supporters the chance to create memories for years to come by inscribing a brick or paver.  Details can be found on our Pavers page.

I'd love to have a yard sign.  How do I get one?

If you make a donation of $100 or more to Ramsey Park through the Austin Parks Foundation, you are eligible to receive a free yard sign - while supplies last!  Contact Karen McLinden at mclindenbaird@gmail.com to make arrangements to pick up your sign.

I want to get involved!  How can I help?

We have a number of ways for you to get involved.  You could host a house party, organize a kids committee, or volunteer your time and talent to help us raise funding.  Contact us if you're interested in learning more.


How was the Master Plan created?

The Master Plan for Ramsey Park was created by the Ramsey Park Renovation Committee, a committee of the Rosedale Neighborhood Association.  It consists of friends and neighbors who have taken the lead on working with the City of Austin Parks and Recreation Department (PARD) to design the Master Plan, oversee its implementation and fundraise for the Ramsey Park improvements.  The committee solicited input from park users and neighbors throughout the process of drafting the Master Plan, and we are now ready to move forward with the suggested improvements.

How did the Renovation Committee decide which features to include?

Visit our About page to read more about our goals and vision for Ramsey Park.

What are the main elements of the park improvements?

Planned improvements include laying new pathways, resurfacing the tennis courts, covering the basketball court, integrating a natural play area, adding climbing equipment, installing new picnic tables, creating an amphitheater and more.  Visit our Master Plan page to view details about each phase of the planned improvements, and download our PDF file with even more detailed information about the playscapes.

Why aren't we renovating the pool?

In Summer 2014, the Rosedale Neighborhood Association (RNA) will be installing an aerator purchased from RNA funds to help keep Ramsey Pool fresher and cooler.  Beyond that, the major renovations required for the pool involve a complete overhaul of the bathrooms and changing rooms.  Such work would have completely used up the mitigation funds (and then some) on a part of the park that is accessible for only one-third of the year.  The general feeling is that these renovations should come from City of Austin funds.  A desire for longer pool hours and bathhouse renovations is featured prominently in the Master Plan.  If City of Austin funds become available for pool renovations, we have the advantage of a Master Plan already in place. 


How much will all of the improvements cost?

The total estimated cost for the project is $480,000.  To date, we have raised $455,000.  Currently, we only have $25,000 left to raise in order to complete the project!

Who is paying for the improvements?

We have funding from a number of sources, including mitigation funds and grants, as well as contributions from the Rosedale Neighborhood Association, individual and business donors.  Between January 2011 and June 2012, the Rosedale neighborhood lost the use of a significant portion of Ramsey Park while the City of Austin’s contractor used the northeast corner of the park as a staging area for heavy equipment and other materials required to support the Rosedale Storm Drain Project.  As restitution for the use of the park, $241,000 was allocated for Ramsey Park renovations.  With the mitigation funds available for renovations, the Ramsey Park Renovation Committee successfully sought grants from the Austin Park Foundation (APF) and the Neighborhood Partnering Program (NPP).  The APF grant provides $50,000 and applies to Phase I.  The Neighborhood Partnering Program awarded us a grant of $66,000, and requires us to raise $22,000 in private funding as a "match" to receive this grant.  The NPP grant funds the connecting pathways in Phase II.  Finally, The Rosedale Neighborhood Association has allocated $15,000 towards the renovations, and several individuals have already come forward with contributions. 


How long will it take to complete the project?

The City of Austin anticipates it will take approximately one year to complete all of the improvements.  Implementation of Phase I is scheduled to conclude in September 2014, and construction for Phases II and III is scheduled to begin in Fall 2014.  Phase III is dependent upon available funding.  Phase IV will move forward when we have raised sufficient funds, and we have received proper approvals from the Parks and Recreation Department.

How long will Ramsey Park be closed during construction?

Various parts of the park will be closed during renovations at different times.  PARD and contractors will do their best to minimize the inconveniences, but there will be times when beloved parts of the park will not be accessible.  These closures are necessary to keep our families and construction crews safe during construction.

Didn't find the answers you were looking for?  

Try downloading our PDF file with even more details about the improvements.